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New Book By Jim Gunter (Edited by Ron McRay):

Finding The Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel

Other Books By Ron McRay:

UPDATED The Sign Of The End Revealed: A Study Of  The Olivet Discourse As Recorded In Matthew 23-24-25

NEW! The Good Life: A Biblical Understanding Of Spirit Filled

Recently Released - God Came Riding On A Cloud: A Study Of The Parousia

666 And The Anti-Christ Of Revelation

Satan, The Devil And The Adversary: Uncovering The Myths And Revealing The Truth

Was Jesus 3 Days And 3 Nights In The Heart Of The Earth?

The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God:  A Lost Understanding Of The Ancient Zodiac  

The Lazarus Affair: A Novel

Did Jesus Have Long Hair?  The Biblical Verdict!

The Writings Of Yahshua Revealed

Righteousness Apart From Salvation: In The First Century

What In The “World” Happened Between 30 AD And 70 AD?

Things That Were “About To Happen” In The Days Of Jesus And His Apostles

The Relationship Of The Church, The Kingdom And House To Eschatology  •

First-Born and Second-Born

Are There Three Heavens - or more?

Is It Appointed Unto Man Once To Die?

Who Saw Jesus And When Did They See Him From His Crucifixion To His Ascension - And Why Is This So Important?

Behold, I Am Coming Quickly

The Last Days?

Behold, I Am Making All Things New

Through The Water, Through The Fire

The Church Is Not The Ekklesia Of The Bible (Vol. 1)

The Church Is Not The Ekklesia Of The Bible (Vol. 2)

How To Interpret The Book Of Revelation Consistently

A Study Of Old Testament Prophecies And Their Fulfillments


The Lord’s Supper

Pearls Of Great Price

Ephesians: Not The Book That You Thought That It Was

Someone Changed My Bible


Introduction To Eschatology

Why Am I Here - What Is My Purpose?

Books By Others:

Resurrection: A Promise Fulfilled  by W.R. Shirk

Daniel’s Prophecy Logically Examined: A Biblical Evaluation Of The 70 Weeks - by John Eoff

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