Jesus’ Glorious Throne

throne Matthew 25:31 …

But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne.”

Adam Clarke’s commentary says,

“This must be understood of Christ’s coming at the last days, to judge mankind: though all the preceding part of the chapter may be applied also to the destruction of Jerusalem.”

Well, that is what one of the most respected commentaries teaches. He is right on and if you really believe what Jesus says, you will believe it also, unless you listen to the Pastor who explains it wrongly because that is what his denominational semitary teaches wrongly.

This means, in the language of the Hebrews, Jesus’ glorious or splendid throne. It is not to be taken literally, as if there would be a material throne or seat for the King of Zion. It expresses the idea that he would come “as a king and judge” to assemble the Israelites before him, and to appoint them their rewards. They would be judged individually, not as national groups. They are described as a mingling of sheep and goats, which the Lord would separate.

As far as the “holy angels” are concerned, the word “hagioi” (holy) is omitted by many excellent manuscripts, versions and so-called church fathers. Mill and Bengel approve of the omission, and Griesbach has left it out of the text.

In that heavenly relationship that was completed in 74 A.D., he was seated at the right hand of Yahweh.

Some scholars merge both passages and call this “the general judgment.” The Bible knows nothing of a “general judgment” nor of “the great white throne judgement.” But if we use the correct wording in all contexts, there is only ONE judgement in 74 A.D of the Israelites, including Judeans, Greeks and nations who fit into that time period.

The expression, “as the shepherd separates” was a common figure in Palestine. The sheep are usually white and the goats black. There are kids which had grazed together. The goats devastated a field of all herbage.

The bald division of men into sheep and goats is, in one sense, so easy as not to be worth performing; and in another sense it is so hard as only to be possible for something with supernatural insight. Goats are an appropriate figure, because the goat was regarded as a comparatively worthless animal.

That there was a judgment to come, in which every man would be sentenced to a state of everlasting happiness, or misery, in the world of recompence or retribution, according to what he did in his world of trial and probation, which was to be judged by the rule of the everlasting gospel. The administration of that judgment of the great day was committed to the Son of man; for by him Yahweh would judge that world, and to him all judgment was committed, and therefore the judgment of that day in 74 A.D., which was the center of all.

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