Poor Acts Of Kindness

Matthew 25:38 …
“’And when did we see you a stranger, and invite you in, or naked, and clothe you?”
The believers of the Israelites would feel that their poor acts of kindness have come so far short of what they should have been that they have no claim to praise or reward. It appears that among the Israelite that an unclear statement that was followed by a counter question was a standard method of moving an argument forward and done by Jesus and the Israelites. This verse is still speaking of judgement day to the Israelite in 74 A.D..
Matthew 25:39 …
“’When did we see you sick, or in prison, and come to you?’”
King (on David’s throne) Jesus’ statement would prompt the sheep to respond that they do not recall ever having ministered directly to the King. The King would answer that they performed those services for the least of the brothers of Jesus, and by so doing were ministering to the King. The expression, “these brothers” were Israelites who were sons of Yahweh. The works of the Israelite would not save (as we use the word) him; but his works would reveal that he was redeemed. The Israelites of the first-century and always believers today must not waste our opportunities. We may not have a great deal of ability, but we can still be faithful in the calling he has given us. Repeating – Jesus is more among us than we think he is; surely the Lord is in this place, by his word, his ordinances, his ministers, his Spirit, yea, and his poor people in Spirit, and we know it not – or, do we?

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