The Portion Of The Slothful Servant

Matthew 25 Bible Study - Ron McRay

Matthew 25:30 …

Throw out the worthless slave into the outer darkness; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

This verse is noted as necessary for the illustration of this parable, as well as the foregoing parable. In summary, the servants of Yahweh are not all endowed with equal gifts and talents. And, all whatever may be their ability, are bound to employ their talents in promoting His honor, and in a proper improvement of them. They will be judged according to the improvements which they have made. It appears that all sinners look on Yahweh as a hard Master, and unreasonable and tyrannical. The servant was judged not merely for “doing wrong, but for neglecting to do right.” This evil servant was nevertheless judged, condemned and cast away. What must they expect who abuse their talents, destroyed by drunkenness, lust and squander of the Master’s property?

Like the unworthy servant of Matthew 24, he too would be eternally separated from Yahweh. The parable of the 10 Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) stressed the need for preparedness for the Messiah’s return. This parable of the Talents stressed the need to serve the King while he was away.

Slothful servants will be reckoned with as unprofitable servants, who do nothing to the purpose of their coming into the world, nothing to answer the end of their birth, who are no way serviceable to the glory of Yahweh, the good of others, or the salvation of their own souls. A slothful servant is a withered member in the body, a barren tree in the vineyard, an idle drone in the hive – he is good for nothing. It is not enough not to do hurt, but we must do good; must bring forth fruit, and though thereby Yahweh is not profited, yet He is glorified.

Darkness is uncomfortable and frightful. It was one of the plagues of Egypt. In the dark no man can work; a fit punishment for a slothful servant. It is outer darkness, out from the light of heaven, out from the joy of their Lord, into which the faithful servants were admitted; out from the feast. Very doleful; there is weeping, which bespeaks great sorrow, and gnashing of teeth, which bespeaks great vexation and indignation. This will be the portion of the slothful servant.

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