Showing Compassion

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Matthew 25:36 …

“… naked, and you clothed me; I was sick, and you visited me; I was in prison, and you came to me.”

It is interesting that among the Israelites was this saying: “He who neglects to visit the sick is like him who has shed blood.” When it was in one’s power to preserve life, he was as guilty in the sight of Yahweh as he was who committed murder. When the Israelite had only the “tunic” or inner garment, without any outer garment, they were called “naked.” The Israelites were to provide food, drink, clothing and care for the King. Those deeds that Jesus lists were standard righteous actions of Israelite people. They were to provide hospitality to the stranger and visit the sick. The only thing that Jesus mentions that the Israelites were not required to do was to visit (help) those in prison.

The Greek word “visited” “epeskepsasthe,” is literally, “Ye looked upon.” Our word visit is from the Latin viso, “to look steadfastly at,” and consequently to visit. We retain the original thought in the popular phrases “go to see one,” and “to look in upon one.” They that show no mercy – shall have judgment without mercy.


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