Dr Denis O’Callaghan Review

There were giants in the earth in those days” [Gen. 6:4].

Have you ever met a Giant? I don’t mean a 10 foot tall, 600 hundred pound giant; I never met one of those either. I am talking about one of those once-in-a life-time people who stand head and shoulders above the average person in understanding things that many never even consider. For example, “string theory” or “quantum mechanics” or perhaps “the Holy Bible?”

When I came to the United States from Ireland, I thought that this would be the place to learn advanced Bible study. Through a chance meeting with Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard, I made the acquaintance of Dr. Ron McRay, a giant in the field of eschatology. Our meeting was chance, in that Dr. McRay was researching the Old Testament and he wanted to read something that I had written. With that encounter began a fast friendship that has lasted over the years. We have traded studies on various subjects and shared long conversations deep into the night.

Dr. McRay was a full time pastor from 1954 until 1990. He then took on the work of conducting and participating in seminars throughout the country and continued that until just immediate to the passing of his wife in March, 2008. He is indeed a unique researcher of Bible topics. The reader may not always agree with him, but one thing is certain, he will challenge one’s thinking. The reader is encouraged to read what he has written because one will learn to think critically and out of “the box.” As Roux said, “Two sorts of writers possess genius: those who think and those who cause others to think.” Dr. McRay has the unique ability to do both.

His education is unusual with a Ph.D. in Theology and a Doctorate of Letters, Litt.D. for his substantive written work in the field of “End time studies,” such as, “The Last Days,” and “Behold I Am Making All Things New,” as well as “Through The Water, Through The Fire.” To top that off, he also has a Doctorate in Philology, D. Phil. (linguistics), which makes us both together a paradox.

Dr. McRay will do one of two things for you in his writing.  1)  He will drive you to the “Book” just to see if what he says could possibly be true.  2) Challenge you to study your Bible as if you can never get enough of the wondrous and exciting truths that are hidden there in plain sight. He will provide a Bible study that you never thought possible and in turn you will grow in grace, knowledge and wisdom as you begin to understand a wee bit of the mind of God. 

I heartily recommend that you read and study with this “giant” that you may grow.


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